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Gold is one of the oldest forms of money, and a safe asset that many people acquire to protect their portfolio against inflation, a weakening dollar and geopolitical uncertainty. We buy and sell bullion gold coins. Our prices are calculated based on the spot price of gold, giving you the best price. Bullion coins are available in a variety of sizes.

United States Gold Eagle

Canadian Maple Leaf

China Panda

South African Krugerrand


$20 St. Gaudens

This gold coin takes its name from its designer, the famous American sculptor, Augustus Saint-Gaudens. The front depicts Liberty holding a staff and olive branch as she walks from the sun. The date appears to the viewer's right of Liberty. The word 'LIBERTY' arcs above her.


$10 Indian

One of only two coins designed by America's most acclaimed sculptor, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, this $10 gold coin is one of the most exquisite gold coins our nation has ever struck. The $10 Indian Head's obverse (front) features the head of Liberty, donning an Indian war bonnet that reads 'LIBERTY.'


$5 Indian

The $5 Indian gold coin is one of two coins designed by sculptor Bela Lyon Pratt. The front pictures an Indian chief, the first true American Indian ever to appear on United States coinage. The chief on the Indian Head is wearing a full-feathered headdress with the word 'LIBERTY' inscribed on the headband.


$2.5 Indian

Sculptor Bela Lyon Pratt designed the $2.50 and $5 Indian Head gold coins. The coin obverse (front) pictures an Indian chief wearing a full-feathered headdress with the word 'LIBERTY' inscribed on the headband. A border of 13 stars and the minting date encircle him.


$1 Indian

James B. Longacre designed the first gold dollar in 1849 shortly after it was authorized by the Act of March 3, 1849. In 1854, Longacre restyled this Liberty Head gold dollar (referred to as a Type I gold dollar) to display an Indian princess, creating the Indian Head Type II gold dollar.


$20 Liberty

The most recognizable and highly esteemed coin of its day, the $20 Liberty, also referred to as a $20 Coronet, remained in production until 1907 when the United States Mint began releasing the $20 Saint-Gaudens.


$10 Liberty

The $10 Liberty gold coin, or Coronet, was minted after a 34-year hiatus of other $10 gold pieces. The obverse (front) features Lady Liberty, wearing her hair in a tight bun with a few loose curls falling down her neck. On her head is a coronet inscribed with the word 'LIBERTY;' surrounding her are 13 stars and the date of issue.


$5 Liberty

Congress authorized the U.S. Mint to produce the $5 gold coin, or Half Eagle, on April 2, 1792. The $5 gold piece had several design changes throughout its history. One of the final designs of the $5 gold coin, the Liberty, or Coronet, was minted from 1839 until 1908 when the $5 Indian gold coin was introduced.


$2.5 Liberty

The first $2.50 Liberty gold coin, or quarter eagle, was authorized by a Congressional act on April 2, 1792. The obverse (front) features Lady Liberty, whose hair is worn in a tight bun secured by a string of beads with loose curls hanging down her neck. She is wearing a coronet inscribed with the word 'LIBERTY.'


$1 Liberty

James B. Longacre designed the Liberty Head type gold dollar shortly after coinage of the gold dollar was authorized by Congressional act on March 3, 1849. The $1 Liberty gold coin is the smallest coin in United States history with a diameter of only 13mm, making it even smaller than the 14mm silver three-cent piece.

Austrian 1 Ducat

Austrian 4 Ducat

French 20 Rooster

Danish Kroner

British Sovereign